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Rehabilitation Clinic South West

Rehabilitation Clinic South West

At Gladstones Clinic they understand that rehabilitation is not the same for everyone. Specialising in the treatment of addiction problems their unique approach combines both traditional methods with modern techniques to provide treatment focusing on the person as well as the problem. Their work is based on a set of core values coupled with a vision based on achieving excellence through providing a safe environment.

Their rehabilitation clinic in the South West offers tailored treatment programmes designed to help people suffering from addictions including substance abuse as well as eating disorders but they know that these problems don’t just affect the sufferers. That’s why they provide a family support programme especially to help support family members and loved ones throughout the recovery process. As well as helping loved ones to understand the psychological reasons behind the addiction, their dedicated forum gives the family member a chance to chat to others in the same position.

Visit their informative website to discover more about Gladstones work or call their team on 0845 519 9309 for a friendly chat.


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