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Private Rehabilitation Centre

Private Rehabilitation Centre

The expert professional and caring team at The Gladstones Clinic in the South West fully understand that the experience of rehabilitation varies from person to person and that everyone has unique needs to help them on the road to recovery be it from drug or alcohol addiction, anorexia or sex addiction.

The private rehabilitation clinic focuses upon the person as well as the problem.  The experienced team at The Gladstones Clinic offer a unique approach to rehabilitation using a combination of traditional methods and holistic treatments to help that person to find a way forward for their future life addiction free.   They provide a safe and comforting environment for rehabilitation that supports both the patient and their family as Gladstones are well aware that addiction doesn’t only affect the sufferer and that a home support network is crucial in the continuing recovery process.

During and after rehabilitation, The Gladstones Clinic provide a family support programme designed to help family members cope with their loved one’s addiction and to understand the psychological reasons behind the addiction. They also provide a dedicated forum which allows family members to discuss issues with those who have also supported a patient through a rehabilitation programme.

Visit our home page to discover more about private rehabilitation programmes at The Gladstones Clinic Bristol or call our friendly team on 0117 925 2995 for further information.

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