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Need to talk to someone?
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London Rehab Clinic

london clinic living roomGladstones Clinic London is a fully residential, 8 bed drug and alcohol detox & primary care rehab and recovery facility located on a quiet Victorian square in Notting Hill, London. Like our sister clinics in Bristol and the Cotswolds, the London Clinic applies a broad spectrum, integrative and non 12-step approach to our healing model. Click the following link to  see more photos of the clinic!

Our Residential Rehab Programmes

We provide the following medically supervised detox, rehab and recovery programmes. Click the links below to learn more about each programme:


The abstinence-based treatment philosophy used by Gladstones Clinic is best described as integrative and holistic addiction rehabilitation. By combining tested medical and psychiatric remedies and counselling techniques with cutting-edge alternative therapies, we are able to deliver a uniquely effective rehab and recovery programme.

Traditional medical and psychiatric assessments and diagnosis are followed by a combination of Cognitive and Dialectical Behavioural Therapies, group and one-to-one counseling, transactional analysis and creative psychodrama with the aim of exposing the root cause of addiction. Meditation, acupuncture and assorted psycho-dynamic techniques help to clear blockages and provide coping strategies and mechanisms for effecting lasting recovery. It is absolutely crucial to first uncover the root cause of all addiction, and then to heal those wounds in order to break the viscous cycle of addiction and pain that so many suffer from today.

Gladstones replaces the “chemical hook” model as the cause for drug and alcohol problems with the “disconnection model” and treats our clients accordingly.

Private Residential Detox & Rehab

london clinic bedroom 1Gladstones Clinic London is an 8 bed, private, residential rehab clinic dedicated to lasting recovery from addictions. With a maximum client limit of 8 persons, all of the services provided are incredibly focused and intensive. Clients are supported and encouraged 24 hours a day by highly qualified and dedicated staff members and support workers, many of whom have direct experience with beating addiction. We specialize in medically supervised residential drug and alcohol detox and primary care phase alcoholism rehabilitation and drug treatment services. Click to see more images of this clinic and it’s accommodation.

We are also able to offer secondary care and addiction aftercare services through our Bristol Clinic should clients wish to continue their recovery within our Gladstones treatment services.

Support For Families

Gladstones provides support for families in several ways, including Family Counselling and Interventions:

Family Counselling

We support families by encouraging them to participate directly in their loved one’s recovery by attending Family Workshop to learn new coping and interaction strategies.

These lessons heal old wounds and patterns of behaviour and communicating learned as a result of living with an addict. We also offer the family the chance to benefit from their own counselling services too.



Intervention Specialists

Gladstones’ intervention specialists are highly trained and experienced in the proper execution of drug and alcohol interventions and can assure the highest chance of a successful intervention. Our team prepares for any obstacles or complications that will inevitably occur.

Having our professionals organise the planning of the intervention enables the concerned friends and family to focus on getting desperately needed help for their loved one.

If you require an intervention Contact Gladstones Today: 0800 774 7024

Private Rooms & Fully Catered

Small numbers and a feeling of respectful privacy are essential ingredients in our recovery model. There are a maximum of 8 private rooms available at Gladstones Clinic London.

The clinic benefits from a private chef, and virtually all client dietary needs can be accommodated with ease.

Clients are provided with home-cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as fruit, snacks and drinks throughout the day.

The Gladstones Kitchen is something to be excited about, our food and the preparation is simply stunning.

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