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Gaming Rehabilitation

Many people assume that addictions come only in the form of reliance on alcohol, drugs, gambling or sex as these are the most commonly known and talked about addictions. However in these days of modern technology with computers and video game consoles in nearly every home, addiction to gaming is becoming more and more prevalent.

One may assume that spending time playing video games is a harmless pastime, but when playing these games increases to the level that everyday life, employment and relationships are affected by a person’s need to play on these games for many hours each day, then this harmless pastime has morphed into an unhealthy addiction to video gaming which will require rehabilitation and therapy.

The expert highly trained team at the Gladstones Clinic in Bristol provides the very highest standard of care for those suffering from video gaming addiction in the South West. This state-of-the-art treatment centre offers first class professional rehabilitation combined with a caring individual approach to addiction that can help to treat the issues surrounding the addiction, and help that individual on the path towards a better addiction free.

The Gladstones Clinic provides professional counselling for video gaming addicts in a safe and controlled environment where patients are provided with the very best in personal care and treatment.

If you feel that you may be struggling with an addiction to playing video games or with another addiction such as drugs, alcohol eating disorders etc. then for attentive care and superior treatment, contact the Gladstones Clinic  today on 0117 925 2995.

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