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Drug Rehab Wales

If you have become addicted to the use of drugs whether they are illegal drugs such as cannabis, cocaine or heroin or prescribed drugs such as sleeping pills or pain relievers and you really want to be addiction free then do not hesitate to contact the professional team at Gladstones Clinic in Bristol who provide the very best rehabilitation and treatment for drug addiction for patients from Wales and the South West.

Gladstones Clinic, in Bristol, is a private state-of-the-art centre where a team of highly qualified and experienced specialists provide a full treatment programme for drug addicts that will put them firmly on the road to recovery free from addiction and looking forward to a positive more fulfilling future.

The team at Gladstones treat each patient as an individual case and recognise that there is no ‘set’ formula for treatment of addiction, therefore they tailor each person’s rehabilitation and treatment plan to suite their mental, physical and emotional needs dealing with any issues that may arises to ensure that they have the best chance of a full recovery.

For the treatment of drug addiction, Gladstones will ensure clients are fully looked after and comfortable during a period of detoxification. After this is complete they will begin to treat the addiction through a combination of medication and therapy with a daily review and medical support available round-the-clock.

For further details on treatment for drug addiction or any other addictions simply call Gladstones Clinic on 0117 925 2995.


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