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Need to talk to someone?
Please leave your details on the form and a member of our experienced team will call you.

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Chiltern Hills Clinic


Bespoke Treatment by Gladstones Clinic

Gladstones Exclusive Bespoke Tailored Treatment and Retreat.

Our team have a long history of experience in providing addiction and wellbeing treatment to private clients both at home and internationally. Over the years we have refined our treatment approach and program and have brought addiction treatment to a whole new level in order to match the expectations of our Client’s needs. Today, at our exclusive Clinic in the heart of the Chiltern Hills, Gladstones is at the forefront of exclusive treatment, whilst at the same time providing the individual care and empathy of a passionate and committed organisation.

Location is dependent on your preference. Our private chauffeur will greet you and escort you at your pleasure to our private location with the upmost of ease and convenience.

Bespoke Treatment Programme


Upon arrival Clients are welcomed and cared for from the first moment, with every detail of the treatment experience taken into consideration, in order to ensure comfort and tranquillity.

We complete a thorough medical check-up, complete a range of tests and assessments and if required complete a safe detoxification withdrawal.

We also complete a psychiatric assessment and one of our specialists will complete a nutritional and lifestyle assessment while supervising any necessary testing. An addiction therapist will be assigned and complete a comprehensive assessment of the Client’s needs.

On the basis of the assessments we will develop a detailed treatment plan that will be initiated according to the individually prepared timetable.

Of course client anonymity is of prime importance therefore all information discussed in the strictest of confidence and is completely private.

Our international team of highly qualified therapists, doctors, nurses, counsellors and other professionals focus on the recovery of only one client at a time. Most other addiction treatment programs in the world include a lot of group therapy and idle time during treatment. Our team works with our individual clients eight to twelve hours a day, not weekly or monthly as is the case with other addiction therapy providers.

Private Residence and Service

Clients reside at one of our private luxury residences where we provide an impeccable service.

Our establishment is fully staffed twenty four hours per day with our talented therapeutic team, personal chef, concierge, maid and dedicated limousine and driver.

No need to leave for appointments.

All Psychiatrists, Doctors and medical staff come to the client’s residence for their sessions.



The following services are included in your stay:

  • full medical checks and treatments
  • 24hr care by therapeutic team
  • Psychiatric assessments and education
  • extensive psychotherapy
    • Equine therapy
  • personal gourmet chef
  • personal fitness coach,
  • focus on nutrition and wellbeing
  • massage therapist and a range of spa and complementary therapies.

100% individually tailored treatment. We treat one client at a time with a team of experienced and renowned specialists.

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Request A Call Back
Please leave your details on the form and a member of our experienced team will call you.

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