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Bulimia Rehab Somerset

Bulimia is an eating disorder which involves excessive binge eating followed by purging through vomiting, the use of laxatives, a diuretic or excessive exercise. In many cases this behaviour will then be followed by fasting over an extended period of time.

Bulimia has long been known as the silent killer as the effects of this condition can have far reaching consequences and worst case scenario can have seriously damaging effects on the body’s organs that can eventually lead to death.  Therefore if you believe that you may have developed bulimia do not hesitate to get in contact with the professional team at Gladstones Clinic who provide caring rehabilitation, treatment and counselling for those who need rehab for eating disorders in Somerset, Bristol and the South West.

Gladstones Clinic the place to turn to for help with bulimia as their caring experts can provide help which will address both the mental and emotional issues as well as the physical implications of this condition to help you move towards a brighter better future with self-confidence free from the compulsions of bulimia.

Contact the supportive team today at Gladstones Clinic to talk to someone about bulimia nervosa, and to get the professional help that you need on 0117 925 2995.

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