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Anorexia Rehabilitation Centre

With increasing pressure from images of super skinny models and the media that slim is beautiful, many girls are becoming obsessed with dieting from a young age and  unfortunately some are succumbing to the potentially life threatening condition of anorexia.

If your believe that anorexia is adversely effecting your life and are looking for help, support and advice to overcome this condition then contact the friendly professional team at Gladstones Clinic who have a vast experience in helping  individuals in Bristol and the South West with eating disorders and getting them back on the path to a healthy future.

For those that need help with anorexia or bulimia, the team at Gladstones Clinic offer the very highest standard of sympathetic care. The team work hard to ensure that their patients are comfortable and feel safe in their private residential care unit, offering treatment and counselling with a unique holistic approach that combines traditional and modern techniques to speed sufferers on the road to recovery.

The overriding ethos at the Gladstones Clinic is to treat each person as an individual, and not just like another patient, and they concentrate on physical well-being, as well as emotional concerns and mental well-being.

To book an Eating Disorder consultation at the Gladstones Clinic,  contact them today on 0117 925 2995.


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