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Alcohol Dependent Hospital Patients Die Seven Years Earlier

A quick word of warning. Some of you might find the following news alarming or even slightly scary. Especially if you fall into the category of a long-term alcohol dependent person or alcoholic.

A joint study between scientists from the Department of Psychotherapy at the University of Bonn Hospital and colleagues from the UK reveals that alcoholic patients die earlier than non addicts. And they die quite a bit earlier too. Almost 8 years earlier than their sober peers in fact. That’s nearly a decade trimmed off the life a victim of alcoholism.

The study happens to be a long-term observational study conducted over a 12 year period. 23,371 alcoholic patients were compared against a control group of 233,710 randomly selected patients who were not alcohol dependent.

The research team used statistics gathered from seven general hospitals in Manchester UK. The data clearly showed a correlation between alcohol dependency and multiple physical illnesses and morbidities. The data also showed that alcoholics treated in Manchester’s hospitals for health problems died an average of 7.6 years earlier than non-alcohol dependent patients.

27  Physical Illnesses Occur More Often in Alcoholics

The study results show that 27 physical illnesses occur at a higher frequency in alcoholics. The most affected conditions relate to the liver, pancreas, digestive tract and nervous system. The data did reveal one ray of sunshine for alcoholics however. Incidence of heart attacks and cataracts were lower than the control group.

More Screening and Quicker Application of Therapies

Conclusions drawn from the study  are that alcohol dependent patients must be treated at an earlier stage. There must be an increased awareness of multiple physical consequences in alcohol dependents. Diligent screening for both mental and physical illness in patients affected by alcohol dependency must be aware of the link between alcohol and multiple health issues and these must be addressed as a whole and not as separate parts.

Reach Out For Help Now

If you or a loved one are suffering from alcohol dependence consider seeking help before the long-term consequences to health set in. It’s never too late or too early to seek advice and begin your journey back to sobriety.


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