Why Choose Gladstones Transformation Centre?

  • Individualised Approach – We listen to our clients when designing their unique programmeHallway

This individualised approach ensures the most effective mix of therapies for the fastest possible recovery. Our highly accredited team at Gladstones go above and beyond to make sure our clients have plenty of services and therapy options to choose from in order to ensure their success.

  • We offer unsurpassed privacy & confidentiality

All our files are password protected and no-one outside Gladstones has access to your details. Our employees and contractors are all bound by strict confidentiality agreements and are trained to answer media enquiries with “no comment”. Additional security measures can be provided for our high profile clients as required.

  • Our properties are beautiful   Bed 1

Located in a beautiful, safe and discrete environment with no obvious links to a treatment facility.

  • Gladstones is affordable

Programmes that can adapt to all budgets and time requirements.

  • Supportive Staff

Our supportive staff at Gladstones liaise daily with each other to share their observations of each client and provide our therapists with invaluable feedback. This enables the programme to adapt to the ever changing needs of our clients on a daily basis.

  • Holistic ApproachiStock_000001617777Medium

At Gladstones we take a holistic approach to ensure the treatment is coordinated and unified.  We treat the underlying issues in each clients life that may be causing the addiction.


  • We recognise diet and nutrition enhance the healing process and are important factors in optimising your recovery

Fruit and VegOur team of chefs and nutritionists will prepare meals on a daily basis that meet your individual tastes and preferences. Maintaining a balanced diet helps to improve mood and health, reducing the likelihood of relapsing during your transition.


  • Gladstones provides ongoing support for as long as our client requires it

We never give up on a client. Our extensive tailored aftercare options ensure our clients maintain their focus. Aftercare programmes may include emails, telephone calls, one-to-one therapy, group meetings, family counselling, or any treatment our client needs to continue to have a successful transformation. Our follow-up support is as important to us as the initial residential programme.

  • Family members and loved ones are also invited to participate in the programme when it is considered beneficial to the client, and only with the client’s approval

Gladstones’ family counselling can be very healing for both the addict and their loved ones, we realise family support can be invaluable in encouraging the client to keep up with their support and stay on track.

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