Treatment Programmes

Treatment ProgramGladstones’ treatment programmes are designed to cater for the specific requirements of each individual client. No two clients have the same issues, therefore no two clients will follow the same programme. Our experienced and non-judgmental care providers take their time in assessing our clients thoroughly during the initial evaluation process. They take this opportunity to gather as much information and understanding of our client’s preferences and individual circumstances so as to allow our team of therapists to design the most appropriate and intensive programme for each client.

Our therapeutic team consists of leaders in the fields of recovery, medicine, and counselling, across varied disciplines and backgrounds to ensure every treatment option is available to our patients.  They are selected based on their understanding of the emotional and physical nature of addiction, and knowledge of the most effective techniques to help our clients overcome their specific addiction.

The aim of all our treatment programmes is to restore our clients to optimum health, in the shortest time-frame, in the most comfortable manner. Daily meetings are held between staff and therapists to ensure all programmes can respond to the ever changing needs of our clients.

At Gladstones, we pride ourselves on being flexible in our approach. Our programmes are structured according to three levels of intensity – detoxification, intensive rehabilitation, and transitional services. We understand not all clients can commit to an intensive inpatient programme and so we adapt our treatment as required to accommodate family and work commitments, time restraints and requirements of professionals. Our programmes are adapted to suit the needs of each individual client, whatever age they may be. We are also sensitive to the beliefs and traditions of various cultural and religious backgrounds.

Over their time with Gladstones we would have introduced our clients to a wide selection of therapies so they can decide what combination works best for them, although the therapy program can be challenging at times it will also be rewarding. The whole experience is aimed at restoring emotional, mental and physical well being. At the end of their stay our clients leave with the knowledge and skills they need to maintain the improvements they have made, and the confidence that their future is something to look forward too.

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