Primary Treatment

iStock_000021534801MediumAfter our client is thoroughly clinically and medically assessed by Gladstones’ caring admissions staff, we commence with one of our intensive programmes. In most cases this will involve beginning an intensive inpatient programmes at one of our comfortable residences, in a safe and secure environment. Alternatively, if time restraints or committments are an issue, then providing the client lives within a reasonable driving distance from Gladstones Centre an intensive outpatient programme may be considered most suitable.

Gladstones intensive treatment programmes are carefully constructed to set the foundations for a successful long term recovery. The therapeutic team work with the client to examine the underlying issues causing the addiction to persist. They carefully examine their psychological profile, physical conditions and substance abuse history in order to determine what would be the most effective treatments to use in their programme. They also design activities to address any personal issues, relationship difficulties, and self-destructive patterns of behaviour.

Every day will be highly structured, supportive and challenging. The client will have full access to all of the many services Gladstones has to offer if needed. A typical day will include carefully co-ordinated appointments and group work, with selected members of their recovery team, such as councellors, personal therapists, nutritional consultant, network spinal analyst, acupuncturist, shiatsu practitioner, meditation teacher, medical staff, carers and other trainers and teachers as required. The programme will be reviewed on a regular basis to remain responsive to the changing requirements of our client.


Gladstones has discovered that an aspect of addiction is a compulsive attachment to objects and ritualistic behaviours, so with this knowledge we decided to centre our programmes on breaking old patterns and building relationship skills.  Learning how to reconnect with people and relate on a deeper, more meaningful level transforms our clients lives and inspires them to achieve a sustainable recovery.

Family members, friends, and in particular the client’s partner are valuable resources of information and support for the client. Our therapists encourage the client’s significant others to participate in their intensive programme when considered beneficial to the process and only with expressed permission from our client.

As the client progresses through their intensive programme, Gladstones’ therapeutic team in conjunction with the client begin to prepare the next stage of their recovery, whether this may be returing home, moving on to a transitional programme or aftercare.

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