Rehab For Teenagers

teenage rehab at gladstones clinic photo: teen and mom talking

Rehab Programme For Teenagers

For a parent, few things are worse than watching their teenager slide into substance abuse or harmful behavioural disorders or addictions. It is quite normal to want to get your teen into rehab as quickly as possible, before too much damage is done. Choosing the right rehab for your teenager can be confusing and you most likely have many questions and concerns. Gladstones Clinic is proud to be one of the only rehabs in England with a specialist  teenager addiction rehab programme tailored for 16 to 18 year olds.

drugsTreating addiction in teens requires a different approach than would be used with children or adults. A teenager’s brain chemistry, learning pathways and social needs are extremely specific to that age group. Immediately upon arrival at Gladstones, teens are assessed by Dr Deborah Judge, a leading child and adolescent psychiatrist. This assessment will determine the nature and extent of the teen’s addiction or compulsion and establish a single or dual diagnosis before treatment begins.

Following their assessment, teens are assigned to small groups of fellow adolescents for group therapy sessions and accommodations. One-to-one therapy sessions are also teen-centric in their focus, approach and delivery.

Residential Care in a Safe and Nurturing Environment

The Gladstones addiction rehabilitation programme for teenagers is a residential, room and board facility. It encourages family participation and counselling sessions aimed at healing the entire family’s wounds in order to encourage forgiveness and make new starts. The more family participation in a teenager’s rehabilitation programme the better for everyone.

Display of flowersUnfortunately youth offers little or no protection from addiction or behavioral compulsions or disorders. More and more teens are falling into drug and or alcohol abuse, self-harming, eating disorders, internet or video game addiction and even gambling addiction. Gladstones has an incredible record of successfully treating all of the above conditions. Not only that, we really do care and want to get your teenager back on track and forging the life that they deserve. A young person’s teenage years are too early to start throwing their life away. We make it our mission to help your addicted teen to see the sense in that simple statement.

Please feel free to call us to discuss any aspect of your teen’s specific case and the treatment options we have available.