Anorexia Rehab Bristol

Anorexia Rehab Bristol

If anorexia is destroying your life and you would like help and support to overcome difficulties with an eating disorder, Gladstones Clinic was set up to offer exactly that to individuals in Bristol and the South West of England to get that help and lead your life into a healthy future.

 For those that need help with food and eating disorders, the team offer sympathetic care that is proven to assist you on the road to recovery. The team work hard to ensure that their patients are comfortable in their care, and they offer private residential care, counselling, treatment and an impressive day centre where you can visit to receive unique holistic care. Their ethos is to treat you like a person, and an individual, and not just like another patient, and they concentrate on your physical well-being, as well as emotional concerns and mental well-being.

 The team also will help with other disorders and addictions in the best possible environment at their clinic, offering help where needed and ensuring you receive the quality care that you deserve.

 To book a consultation with a friendly assistant, contact them today on 0117 925 2995.

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