Admission Questions

Intervention ProgrammesWhere is Gladstones Clinic?

Our main Centre is in a Georgian townhouse on an elegant square in Bristol. We also have a residential clinic in Cambridge, Gloucestershire.

What does a person do if they want to attend Gladstones?

In the first instance you should contact our admissions manager who will be more than happy to discuss your needs and answer any questions that you may have. You can contact by telephone, letter or by email and we will guide you on how to arrange an assessment, and also explain our programme in further detail, including our programme costs.

Once a suitable treatment programme has been agreed, we will then arrange for your arrival at Gladstones.

We are also happy to talk to family members and or friends associates, if you confirm you wish us to do so, in order to answer further questions to allow them to get a firm understanding of what we offer.

iStock_000004216131SmallHow long do people usually attend Gladstones?

Each client’s programme length and structure is devised after their phone consultation with our Clinical Consultant and it varies according to their individual needs and issues. We adopt a flexible approach and we work around family and work commitments whenever possible. We are able to meet each client’s preferred beginning and end dates with greater personal responsiveness than other programmes which have a rigid beginning and end date.

What age group of client does Gladstones treat?

Over the years we have successfully treated hundreds of clients for addiction ranging between the ages of 16 and upwards with no upper limit. It is never too early or too late to change destructive habits and replace them with patterns that promote health and vitality.

What services does Gladstones provide?

Click here for a more detailed explanation of the services and treatments we provide to all clients.

What are the costs?

As we offer a variety of different services within our centre we have a range of costs according to the various options.

All program costs are individually determined according to your specific treatment needs.  We invite you to contact  the admissions manager of Gladstones to discuss your treatment needs where upon a full assessment will be made.

For clients who are using private medical insurance we are more than happy to talk to the insurer and provide the relevant details they require.

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