Client Testimonials

Below you will find a small selection of testimonials and thank you’s from former clients or their family members regarding their experiences at Gladstones Clinic:

I can never thank you all enough for helping me change my life. I am so grateful for all of your constant support, the passion that each of you have put into my recovery has been so overwhelming. I could never have got this far without you all. Lots of Love!
Cristal, UK
To all of the lovely staff @ Gladstones!! I just wanted to say thank you to each and every one of you for all of your help, patience and support over the past few months and for everything you have done over and above for me!! Thank you so much!!
Helen, UK
The evening care workers have been very good to talk to on the evening. The group therapy has been very good for me to learn about how I process my thoughts and feelings. I would like to thank everyone for all their help and support
Lee, UK
I feel that my stay has been brilliant and hope that it will be the start of a new way of life
Jill, UK
Best Rehab! - Emotional work is first class!! ..Great care workers for 12 step chats in evening. Emotional intelligence and mindfulness very good!
John, UK
Thank you all for your help. I came in here a scared messed up little girl, with no hope. Now I'm so much more confident and open minded. And the most important thing, clean. I will never forget any of you, all the support workers and everyone who works at Gladstones. I will come back Saturdays to see all of you. Thank you for everything
Kayleigh, UK
The PTSD work was excellent. However, the group work before hand which helped me to get in touch with my emotions, was an essential part of the overall treatment. Having been in treatment before, I can judge the Gladstones approach to others. The Gladstones way wins hands down but I cannot figure out exactly why. I would highly recommend it to anyone
Aidan, UK
Our son went to Gladstones as a very upset worried boy – it turned out he was not an addict, but has Aspergers. Ian and his team quickly picked this up and let us know and broke the news to our son. It was a huge relief to us all and we now have the tools to deal with it. I can’t thank Gladstones enough for all of their professional help. Wonderful care and above all giving our son a chance in life. As far as we are concerned, Gladstones gets 15 out of 10 every time. It has been a breath of fresh air to be involved with them all
Bridgett and Pete, UK
Thank you for your patience and your professionalism
Adam, UK
All in all I have gained huge benefits from my time in Gladstones. I think you have an excellent programme and all the staff have been wonderful, from the very first moment when Lindsay picked me up and was so kind and caring. All the support staff have been brilliant and I have received a lot of help from them
Karen, UK
What a brilliant service! Can’t thank all the staff enough in clinic and the support workers love you all
Rebecca, UK
On the whole, the service was excellent and I have had so much information and help that I truly believe will be invaluable to me in my recovery…..The staff, facilities, activities and services have all been excellent, and the Detox Programme worked well for me
Christian, UK
Excellent service. Genuine care. Could not have come to a better place
Martin, UK
Thank you all staff for your support! I have gained so much strength from Gladstones therapy + all staff
Carole, UK
Overall I have fully appreciated the experience at Gladstones. Therapy is very good and not 12 Steps based, which I was against – hence choosing Gladstones. The CBT approach worked for me and allowed me to get in touch with my emotions far more than I would have otherwise done so
Mandhar, UK
Very grateful for all the help. Thank You!
Mark, UK
Overall the treatment was firstly well overdue. It, I would like to think has contributed to making me not just better, but a better person. The group sessions were intense which is what I expected though highly necessary
Richard, UK
I am very grateful to Gladstones for admitting me so quickly and to Karen + Ian for staying late the night I arrived. Being given the opportunity to move to a secondary house was also beneficial
Tamsin, UK
It excelled what I was hoping for and now look forward to starting a new sober journey in life which I know is possible if I implement everything I have learned into my daily life
Janet, UK
Fantastic support staff i.e. Tiff, Dom, Jen, Gary, et al.
Richard, UK
Very helpful, thanks all
John, UK
Therapy has been exceptional and all staff committed to giving best possible outcome. Support workers have been brilliant, encouraging and supportive. Good advice received about most appropriate future therapy for myself
Jessica, UK
Thank you to all the staff at Gladstones for giving me the emotional support I needed at a desperate time. I leave feeling re-connected to recovery, my priorities back in perspective + new confidence in my ability to cope with the weeks and months ahead
Lucy, UK
Amazing!! Thank you so much!!
Claire, UK
Really, really good. Hard work but good. All aspects of the service very good
Christopher, UK
I really recommend Gladstones to anyone. Thank you for giving me my life back you truly are one amazing clinic
Jane, UK