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Integrative, holistic detox & rehabilitation for drug & alcohol addiction & behaviour disorders

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Residential Rehab Programmes

Gladstones Clinic provides private, residential rehab for addictions in our state-of-the-art clinics. We use integrative medical, psychiatric, holistic and alternative therapies in all of our recovery programmes for alcoholism, drugs and behaviour disorders. Our in-house chefs work with nutritionists to carefully prepare healthy meals. Clients are monitored around the clock in a safe and nurturing residential rehab environment.

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Family Support & Teen Rehab

Drug and alcohol interventions, a teen rehab programme, and family counselling are all part of our support services for families affected by drug addiction or alcoholism. We believe that families are crucial to their loved one’s recovery. We also understand the problems of family members who suffer enormously from their own experiences with the addict. We encourage them to participate in their loved-ones recovery and are here to listen to their needs and concerns as well.

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Treatments For Addiction

Once the client’s state of health is clinically and medically assessed by our caring admissions staff, we begin a highly focused and supervised drug rehab or alcohol detox programme focused on their specific addiction problems. After successful detox the client begins an intensive period of residential rehab from alcohol, drugs, gambling or eating disorders.  The Bristol Clinic provides detox, primary, secondary, tertiary and aftercare treatments. Our London and Cotswolds Clinics offer detox and primary care.

We Successfully Treat A Wide Range Of Addictions & Disorders

At Gladstones Clinic we understand the complex nature of addiction and are multifaceted in our approach

15 Years Professional Experience

Working With Addiction

What Our Patients Say

On the whole, the service was excellent and I have had so much information and help that I truly believe will be invaluable to me in my recovery…..The staff, facilities, activities and services have all been excellent, and the Detox Programme worked well for me
Christian, UK
Overall I have fully appreciated the experience at Gladstones. Therapy is very good and not 12 Steps based, which I was against – hence choosing Gladstones. The CBT approach worked for me and allowed me to get in touch with my emotions far more than I would have otherwise done so
Mandhar, UK

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